Electric Vehicle Fun! | Play Video Games while our AI Drives!

Our new Electric Vehicle combines the fun of traveling in luxury with the latest video games.

Play video games while you let the AI drive your Elective Vehicle

JEJ Transportation | Electric Vehicle
JEJ Transportation | Electric Vehicle

Whether you’re in New York City or Los Angeles, driving a car yourself is always grueling.  That’s why we’re creating our AI electric vehicle.   Let it drive you while you relax in comfort.

But there comes a time when the road opens up and you want to take control.  Today, we’re annoucing the integration of our electric vehicle-based video games into the synthetic vision heads-up display.

Love Forza Horizon 5?  Just say “Play Forza” and your AI will project the video game onto the heads-up display and integrate it with the reality of real-life traffic.

Now, when you weave around that painfully slow 911 GT3 in Forza, it’s projected into your real-life driving experience.  Suddenly, the fun of weaving in and out of traffic in Forza becomes 10x more intense because you’ll be weaving in and out of real traffic while racing anything in Forza.

Electric Vehicles and JEJCoin

That’s what our Web 3.0 products do:  merge video games with reality.

Learn more about our EV4.0 (TM) program.

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