Electric Vehicle | Our NFT is Best!

A new Electric Vehicle.  A New NFT!

Our NFT is backed by the full valuation of your Electric Vehicle

JEJ Transportation | Electric Vehicle
JEJ Transportation | Electric Vehicle

It’s the Gold Standard for NFTs.

When you purchase one of our electric vehicles, you receive an NFT of your specific EV that’s linked electronically to your vehicle.  Wherever your vehicle goes, the NFT travels with it via it’s integrated hardware wallet.  And your NFT can only be viewed on one specific digital display that’s delivered with your vehicle.

For added value and security we’re taking the additional step of creating our own blockchain called JEJCoin.

Electric Vehicles and JEJCoin

What you may lack in liquidity, you more than make up with exclusivity and confidence that there’s a group of collectors of our electric vehicles who value them just as intensely as you do.

Unlike our startup investors, who will likely lose all of their money and have nothing to show for it, if we ever get to the point of selling our electric vehicles, you’ll have a tangeable asset to back your NFT that is part AI video game and part EV.

Learn more about our EV4.0 (TM) program.

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