Exciting Future for Gas Cars?

Is there a future for gas cars?

Obviously, we’re all in when it comes to electric vehicles.

But does that mean that 20 years from today, everyone will be driving electric vehicles?

Future  |  Gas Cars and Retro Mods

Convert Gas Cars to All Electric
JEJ Transportation | Retro Mod

In a word, “Yes!”

The foundation of our all-electric Hypercar, called the Longboard, combines the best possible suspension, wheels, tires, and brakes with our patented Red Mars Organic Battery Electric Motor (RMOBEM) system and AI software gaming system.

If you love the way your antique Ferrari Roma looks but want to upgrade your gas car to our RMOBEM and start gaming while you’re stuck in traffic, just contact your local Retro Mod shop.

They’ll pry off the body, insert our system and software, and then glue it all back together for you.

Enjoy the visual aspects of the past while giving up nothing in performance and gaming!

JEJCoin and Electric Vehicle Financing

Need financing for yor Retro Mod?

Learn more about our EV4.0 (TM) program.

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