Electric Vehicle Financing is fun and easy!

Our mission is to enable everyone to purchase our electric vehicle, so we’re starting an electric vehicle financing company.

Banking  |  Electric Vehicle Financing

JEJ Transportation | Electric Vehicle Financing
JEJ Transportation | Electric Vehicle Financing

By establishing The Bank of JEJ as an unregulated loan company with our headquarters in The Republic of Seychelles, we’ll be able to offer you the lowest rates available to finance your JEJ Transportation electric vehicle purchase. 

Doing away with regulations means we don’t need to hire and pay people to manage regulators. Granted, if our company goes bankrupt, you’re out of luck. But we think you’ll agree that this minor risk is hugely outweighed by having floating loan interest rates that could be a fraction of other banks.

To help with interbank liquidity, every incoming financial denomination will be converted to JEJCoin, and transparency will be assured through our JEJCoin blockchain.

JEJCoin and Electric Vehicle Financing

It’s an exciting time to be in business, and we’re proud to combine EV4.0 program with our new Fintech 4.0 bank.

Learn more about our EV4.0 (TM) program.

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